Monday, March 15, 2010

Social & Online Gaming Summit Highlights -- GDC 2010

Here are my three favorite presentations from this year's Social & Online Gaming Summit at the Game Developers Conference.
  • Social Gaming in China by James Gwertzman
  • Metagame Design by Amy Jo Kim
  • State of the Social Gaming Industry by Justin Smith
See the slide shares after the jump: 

Social Gaming in China
Here's a great presentation from James Gwertzman,  PopCap's Asia/Pacific VP.  James has lead PopCap's Shanghai office for over 2 years and shares his take on the opportunities and challenges presented by the Chinese market.

Metagame Design
Here Amy Jo Kim discusses how to apply game design principles outside of games. These principles can apply to reward systems that wrap around a game or to basic website design.

State of the Social Gaming Industry Justin Smith from Inside Social Games provided this overview of the current state of the social gaming industry:Justin Smith State Social Gaming Industry Gdc 2010 San Francisco
View more presentations from justinsmith.

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Video of Amy Jo Kim's session on Meta Game Design and Reward Systems: