Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Website Relaunched

I am proud to announce the relaunch of  The old site was really two separate blogs (one for personal musings and the other for company-related announcements) and was barely held together by a common menu bar.

The launch of the new website coincides with the creation of Harvada Consulting, a private consulting business focused on helping company founders and senior executives with product visioning and strategy.  This business is an extension of what I've been doing informally for several years.

Fig 1. New website home page

The new site continues to host my personal and work-related blogs but also has a lot of new features, including:
  • a consistent, professional look-and-feel
  • a landing page
  • an extended biography
  • references from clients and colleagues
  • more ways to contact me

I have a wide range of experience from enterprise applications to consumer internet and mobile apps covering many industries and am a jack of many trades from product strategy, relational databases and statistical analysis to operations and business process design.

If you're looking for a seasoned tech executive in either a full-time, contract or consulting capacity please let me know.  There are several ways that you can contact me.  I'd love to talk with you.

As for giving credit where credit is due:  This site design was inspired by my friend Jon Loomer's site.  He launched his site just a few weeks ago and provided me with the impetus to get going on these changes.  Jon is an expert at digital marketing strategies and like me he's looking for consulting, contract and full-time gigs.  Find more out about Jon at

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