Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GSummit: Gamification Industry to Grow 150% in 2012

Wanda Meloni presented the latest gamification industry market research from M2 Research at the GSummit in San Francisco in June. M2 estimates that revenue in the consumer and enterprise gamification market would grow to $242 million by the end of the year, which represents over 150% growth year-over-year and would reach over $2 billion by 2016.

Industry Segmentation
M2 also reports that in 2012 the enterprise gamification will represent 38% of the market compared to 10% in 2011. In fact corporate initiatives represented the largest market segment (25%). The entertainment and media segments followed at 18% and 17% respectively.  Consumer goods and retail segments came in at 10% and 9%. Telecom had 5%. The Health & Wellness, Education and Financial all had 4% share with government and utilities each representing just 1%.

Survey of Platform Vendors
Ms. Maloni also present results from M2's survey of four gamification platform vendors (Badgeville, Bigdoor, Bunchball, and PugPharm).  The first part of the survey asked each vendor to specify the features they currently supported across several different categories.

Note: Leading vendors are the ones that currently have the most complete set of features for a category. Additional features include mobile support, user groups, consulting support, education, maintenance and marketing support.

The second part of the vendor survey focused on how their clients were measuring ROI for their gamification projects. The results summarized below indicate that gamification project can result in dramatic improvements to many key metrics:

Here's a preview of Ms. Meloni's presentation on and the full presentation on slideshare:

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